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Rehabilitation of shield bending machine. Replaced Euro card-type controller with modern PLC and modular stepper drivers. Provided HMI interface and developed PC-datalogger/controller.

Full machine design

Discrete device test handler. Includes PC-based operator interface and data acquisition. Feeds material from vibratory bowl feeder to test head then to sorter bins.


Laser marking handler for automotive ABS system.

Wide range of design capabilities.

Inside view of a machine shows the use of brake, clutch, gears and belts for power transmission, rotary encoders, Geneva movement and pneumatic parts. Frequency inverters can be partially seen on the left.

Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)

Inside view of main control enclosure with PLC. Wiring conforms to European safety standards.

Proven experience

MDT has taken over projects that others failed to complete. Here, MDT modified and added mechanical parts and developed new motorized controls replacing the ones provided by a previous vendor whose design did not work.

About MDT Automation

MDT Automation is an industrial automation company providing innovative productivity solutions to manufacturing requirements since 1995. These include the design and development various automated equipment for the semiconductor, automotive and packaging industries with exports to the U.S., Mexico, Malaysia, Costa Rica and China.

We have decades of experience in:

  • Mechanical design
  • Electrical design
  • PLC Programming
  • PC Information systems
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